The Difference

Difference Between Us and The Other IT Company

Here’s why we are different: With over 20 years of experience, we pride ourselves in being articulate, caring, honest and professional.  Let’s break it down:

  • Our goal is to be articulate at all times. Communications must always be crystal clear and in plain English.
  • Our promise is to genuinely care about your needs. Our purpose in your organization is to make the lives of users easier and better.
  • Our commitment is to be honest. As your trusted consultant you will get only honest solutions based only on what is best for you and your organization.
  • Our standard is to behave professionally.  Customer service comes first and technology business is secondary.  We know that professionalism always comes first.

Whether you are a small home business or a medium sized business seeking professional IT assistance you can count on us for all your IT needs.  We have various network experience with many different types of businesses. In addition, we also have experience with setting up Windows networks that utilize various servers such as Active Directory, Terminal services, Exchange, Print, IIS Web, Encryption, Antivirus, Backup, Virtual and VPN.

We’re very confident in our work that we provide a 30 day guarantee.  If the same problem happens on the same device within 30 days, we’ll troubleshoot it for free!  So what are you waiting for contact us now for a free estimate or an onsite network review:

Contact us:

(916) 753-8202
[email protected]